Location:                               Lillooet, British Columbia
Pre-Design Study:              2010
Lilloet Nature Centre:        132sm (1,426sft)
Demonstration Pavilion:  209sm (2,252sft)

Alfred Waugh Architect produced a Pre-Design Study for the new Lillooet Nature Centre. The Project  included a study of the trail system networks throughout the site. The study area is located in the District of Lillooet at the intersection of the Seton and Fraser Rivers. The area encompasses land belonging to the Cayoose Creek Nation as well as a portion of the BC Hydro land along the Fraser River.  This new facility will fulfil the design objectives of the Society, which is comprised of community members for the town of Lillooet, and the Cayoose Creek Nation.

Lillooet Naturalist Society

Conceptual Design Team
Alfred Waugh