Liard River Hotsprings Provinical Park, B.C., Canada
Completed November 2012
Site Area: 310 m² (3335 ft²)

The Liard River Hot Springs project replaces the existing timber deck and change room facility that was eroding due to environmental exposure. The design addresses the needs of the rugged northern climate while creating a welcoming environment for the hot spring bathers. The project consists of new separate mens and womens changerooms, an expanded and upgraded deck, hot springs amenities and an upgraded path network. The deck is semi-circular in plan, centered on the hot springs. Stepped levels of canal-salvaged ipe provides generous space for descent into the springs. During the material research, mock-ups of proposed materials were delivered to the site and set out over the winter to be tested for durability maintenance and climate exposure.

The construction process had to be specifically site sensitive as there was a red listed snail that lived along the shore line of the hot springs. Helical screw piles were installed while the old facility deck was in place to minimize damage to the ground.

Ministry of the Environment, Province of BC

Design Team:
Alfred Waugh (Architect in Charge),
Matthew Lahey, Nick Bray

Structural Engineer: Equilibrium Consulting

Bear Mountain Construction

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